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Yaritza Villalba (@inc_ yv) - Never Be Satisfied; Stay Grinding

Episode Summary

On this episode, I Zoom in Yaritza Villalba, and we chat about her work in culturally responsive education and she became an author and educational consultant.

Episode Notes

President and Founder of YV Educational Resources Inc. 501(c)3, Yaritza Villalba has thirteen years of experience in education. She started her career teaching Social Studies to high school students in Brooklyn, New York.  Throughout the years, she has developed culturally responsive sustaining resources (CRSE) for educators, districts, and parents. She later became an Assistant Principal of an Expeditionary Learning School where she furthered her knowledge of project based learning and mastery based assessments. Yaritza is currently an Educator Innovation Lead (EIL) at Flip, Microsoft. Her overall mission is to provide an array of strategies and resources that spark critical thinking and meaningful conversations in and out of the classroom.