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Thom Gibson (@GibsonEdu) - How To Discover Your Entry Point

Episode Summary

On this episode, I Zoom in Thom Gibson and we chat about his journey into edupreneurship, his thoughts on education, and he is finding where he fits into the educational consulting game.

Episode Notes

Thom Gibson is a two-time teacher-of-the-year educator in Austin, TX, an Adobe Education Leader, and teaches math, robotics, YouTube Video Production, and the esports club.  He's the creator and host of the 'Stories from the Classroom' podcast, he posts weekly teacher vlogs / teaching tip videos on his YouTube channel, and is the creator of the 'Create & Manage A Classroom Economy' course for teachers.

Outside of education, he's a practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, learner of Mandarin, an avid runner, a chicken wing connoisseur, and is actively involved in his church.

Enroll is Thom's course for teachers, 'Creating & Managing A 

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