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Safina Hirji (@SafinaHirji) - When Being Mindful Is Your Business

Episode Summary

On this episode, I Zoom in Safina Hirji and we chat about mindfulness and her business in bringing mindfulness to schools.

Episode Notes

Safina Hirji (B.A, B.Ed, M.Ed.) is a thoughtful educational innovator whose ultimate goal is centred around helping people to become their best selves. She is the founder of Stillness Hub ( which offers Online Mindfulness Training Courses to different segments of the population with a particular focus on teachers and schools.

The niche of education and mindfulness is unique. Mindfulness isn’t just an add-on which students practice at the beginning or end of a lesson. Rather it’s a way of teaching and learning. The cognitive processes with stem from awareness can be the harbinger of creative and innovative thoughts which extend learning in much more meaningful ways.As teachers practice mindfulness and become more mindful, their teaching practice is much more reflective.

As a reflective practitioner, Safina uses questioning and self-reflection to coach and mentor others in the areas of Mindfulness. Safina has been practicing Meditation and Mindfulness for the last 6 years and is also a seasoned veteran in the realm of adult education as demonstrated in her recent role as a Curriculum Consultant for the York Region District School Board where she coached, supported, mentored and trained hundreds of teachers and school administrators.