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Laurel Aguilar-Kirchhoff (@LucyKirchh) - How To Become An Educational Consultant: Know The Business

Episode Summary

I Zoom in Laurel Aguilar-Kirchhoff and we chat about how she found herself in a K-12 classroom and how her desire to make a greater impact turned into her becoming an edupreneur.

Episode Notes

Laurel (Lucy) Aguilar-Kirchhoff is serving as a Digital Learning Specialist and is the founder of “MotivatED Learning with Lucykirchh.” Laurel is a part of the ISTE Community Leaders specializing in Digital Citizenship/Media Literacy. She's providing professional development through her website and a new YouTube channel “MotivatED Learning with Lucykirchh” with new videos posting every Monday Morning as part of #MotivatEDMondays. As a former classroom teacher, Laurel’s goal is to empower others to gain an understanding of the pedagogical practices behind combining curriculum with technology (while making it fun!).