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Gabby Lubin, Ed. M. (@sparkbygabby) - Don't Get Distracted By What's Already Out There

Episode Summary

I Zoom in Gabby Lubin, Ed.M., and we chat about her experiences as an educator in and out of the classroom. We also get into how her practice to center herself turned into a business idea, and how she is following her own path and staying in her own lane. What excited me the most about this conversation is how Gabby is creating a new fitness pathway.

Episode Notes

Gabby Lubin, Ed.M. is the CEO & Founder of Spark By Gabby. Her goal in life is to provide helping professionals with the tools to continue their passion. Gabby taught Kinder, Pre-K, and then founded the school's intervention program, only to realize she felt utterly burned out. Thus, she left the classroom to learn about stress. Before pursuing her Master's in Education with a concentration in Educator Wellness from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Gabby decided to teach fitness and mindfulness in DC studios. Then, the pandemic hit. That very same day, Gabby started Spark. Now, she supports 650+ educators across the country through mindful fitness at spark by gabby.