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Dr. Kara Shade (@GroundedInGood) - How To Become An Educational Consultant: Know When It's Time

Episode Summary

On this episode, I Zoom in Dr. Kara Shade. We talk about family life education and the work she did before her pivot to entrepreneurship. We also get into her business and the work she does as a relationship educator.

Episode Notes

Dr. Kara Shade is a relationship educator in Allen, TX, and the owner of Grounded in Good, LLC ( She earned her Ph.D. in Family Studies, a master’s degree in dispute resolution, and she holds a certified family life educator credential from the National Council on Family Relations. Dr. Kara’s business currently entails virtual coaching for premarital couples and returner check-ups for past clients. Her fun, practical, research-based approach to marriage prep earned her The Knot’s “Best of Weddings” award four years in a row, and she was inducted into the “Best of Weddings” Hall of Fame.

Dr. Kara has had the pleasure of training and speaking for almost a thousand participants over the years through a variety of local organizations, and as a university instructor. She also does contract work and consulting in the field of family life education.

In 2020, Dr. Kara expanded her offerings to include a relationship-inspired shop ( where each piece of handmade decor is inspired by relationship science, and a portion of the net profits benefit Children International (

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