The Dr. Will Show Podcast

Dana L. Wilson, MBA (@DanaDisrupts) - The Money Matters: Be a brand for yourself, not a brand for your company

Episode Summary

I Zoom in Dana L. Wilson and we chat about how she found herself in financial services, why she founded her company, CHIP, and we take a dive into personal finances.

Episode Notes

Dana L. Wilson is an experienced financial professional with over fifteen years in the financial services industry. She graduated from North Carolina Central University, where she received her Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a concentration in Marketing. She is currently an Executive MBA candidate at Penn State University, Smeal School of Business, where she is studying Strategic Leadership and will complete a concentration in Corporate Innovation.

Dana is the Founder & CEO of CHIP(Changing How Individuals Prosper), a B2B financial services marketplace that makes it easy to find Black and Latinx financial professionals.

Before starting CHIP, Dana worked as an Investment Advisor at large and independent firms. She was a previous Start-Up Coach teaching Business Planning and Sales and Marketing for Apps Without Code (AWC), a no-code boot camp program for entrepreneurs to build and scale their own apps.

She is the Executive Director of Program Operations & Strategy for Supernova Consulting's, Supernova Scholars Program. Dana is creating, executing, and overseeing a mentorship program that will bring more opportunities for African American college students in the Financial Services Industry.