The Dr. Will Show Podcast

AJ Williams, J.D., MBA (@ajwilliamsco) - Own What You Do

Episode Summary

On this episode, I Zoom in AJ Williams, and we chat about the importance of owning your intellectual property. We also get into building and buying Black and the lie about the pipeline.

Episode Notes

Angela Williams is a legal, operations, and tech policy executive with over fifteen years of industry experience working for giants such as Google and Microsoft, AJ is a Board Advisor and Fractional COO that regularly advises entrepreneurs on infusing diversity and operational excellence into their company DNA. AJ is passionate about working with small businesses during growth stages to tackle their suite needs including: business strategy and operational excellence with the protection of legal oversight. AJ is also passionate about diversity in the tech space and regularly speaks to groups to drive discussions around biases in AI technology and ensuring that "move fast and break things" does not further oppress marginalized groups. Beyond her titles, AJ is called to build a cultural path for historically marginalized folks to thrive in ways they didn’t know were possible.