The Dr. Will Show Podcast

Welcome to the go-to business podcast for educators who want to monetize their talents beyond the walls of their classrooms.

Each week you'll hear from real edupreneurs who share their stories about getting started, overcoming limiting beliefs, and strategies for building a profitable education-focused business.

Hosted by Dr. Will, the director of The Edupreneur and educational consultant, this podcast features a dope lineup of guests such as educators, authors, speakers, CEOs, consultants, and content creators.

Tune in for gems and insights on how to make money writing a book, becoming a speaker, presenting at conferences, producing curriculum, becoming an educational consultant, or how to launch an online course.

Will H. Deyamport, III, Ed.D., director of The Edupreneur, is a K-12 District Instructional Technologist, podcaster, digital learning strategist, and freelance writer.